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Relationship Issues

I’m providing couples therapy, family therapy and therapy for any kind of relationship that matters to you. Whether you want to improve on a relationship or end one, I’ll help you transition into the next stage of your relationship with honesty and understanding.

Relationships can be a source of deep self-understanding and growth and we tend to draw the partner (often over and over again) we need to go through that growth. But unfortunately, many of us don't know how to feel safe enough in relationship to go through the pain of healing and come out the other side. Despite how much we want it, we don't know how to communicate in a way that has our partner feel invited into our world or us into theirs and we wind up feeling distant and lonely.


In therapy with me, I'll help you each understand what the underlying purpose of your relationship pattern is - what you're really hoping to get that you're not getting and guide you into communicating that with each other in a way that has you both feel heard and understood. I'll help you understand more about what you each need to feel safe and happy and walk down the path with you as you try to navigate the messiness and excitement of a new way of being together.

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