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Anger is a valid response to consistent undermining of your needs by other people (or yourself), but it can become a problem when the emotion is acted upon without being felt or if it’s too readily relied upon to get the result you want. I can help you relate to anger in a way that helps you understand what you need and how to work towards it without behaving in a way you’ll regret.


Anger often arises as a protective mechanism when our boundaries are being violated or our voices not heard. If anger is a problem in your life, consider it’s trying to protect you from feeling the pain of more vulnerable emotions such as fear or sadness. Or it might be a way of communicating you’re not getting what you need. I can help you create safety to feel whatever you need to feel so anger can be put back to its rightful use. Alternately, if you find it difficult to get angry when you feel you need to, I can help make anger a safe emotion for you to feel and understand.

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