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Empowering you to gain the self-knowledge and understanding you need to live a life you treasure

My approach to counselling is borne of years of working with the body in such a way that it serves as a tool for self-understanding. Paying attention to the impulses and holding patterns of the body can reveal a lot about the strategies we’ve used to protect ourselves from real or perceived harm. Unfortunately, our strategies are often outdated and no longer helpful. Left unchecked, they can be the source of a lot of pain and hardship in our lives. But when investigated their purpose can be understood and we can learn to serve that purpose in a healthy, loving way that is connected to the current version of ourselves 

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About me...

I’ve been helping people change their lives for almost 20  years as a psychotherapist and an educator of mindfulness and body awareness. I hold a Bachelor of Counselling and Human Change and have twenty years of yoga and meditation practice and teaching behind me. I’ve worked both privately and in the not-for-profit sector supporting people who feel trapped in situations beyond their control and others who simply seek to enhance the quality of their lives. I work with empathy and understanding to assist people to find their own answers to difficult life situations and make the changes they want to make. 


By adapting yogic principles of self-study with compassion and mindfulness to therapy, I’ll collaborate with you to develop the awareness to identify your own strategies and welcome in a new way of being that corresponds with an updated version of what you want for yourself.

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